Monday, May 19, 2008

10 Year Reunion

Julie Oyler comments:

I'm so glad you did this!!! I don't know who set it up but I was wondering if you could post something on here. I am trying to find a committee for the 10yr reunion. will you put something on here and see if anyone would like to do it with a group of their friends? We haven't gotten anyone yet and I really am needing to find a group. Thanks so much!! Julie Oyler

If you are interested, visit Julie's blog and leave her a comment or you are welcome to post it here.


Taking it Higher said...

who is doing this blog? Thanks for crediting my class site and putting a link in the post. I appreciate it.

Taking it Higher said...

just FYI i went to the home page of sfhs and then alumni tab, there i emailed the contact and asked them to put a link to the blog on their alumni page too! Just another spot for people to find us!

Taking it Higher said...

i will add a link to your site on mine, thanks again.