Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Alumni

Added today:

Private blogs:

New Class:
Class of '03 added to the right hand side


Jennings said...

Please add Jen Dietz (it is a private blog)

our family said...

So I only had one person say they would help with the reunion. Could you post something on here again and see if I get a better response with more people on here now. Thanks whoever this is. If you are interested please go to my blog and post a comment or email me at I really hope someone can help cause I will be having a new baby and won't have much time. Thanks!!! Julie

Me said...

Class of '96 now has a blog....

Do you mind adding us?


SF Class of 2004 said...

Spanish Fork Class of 2004 just started a blog. Please help us get the word out & add us as a link. thanks!