Monday, January 19, 2009

Added & Gone Private

Gone private:

John Wadley -
Tiffany Sorenson -

Preston Hicks -
Amy Spotten -

(Amy - leave me your blog address so I can add you to the "Links" sidebar)


Kristy said...

The email address for Preston Hicks is wrong. It is Thanks

Alan and Amy said...

My blog address is

Kristy said...

Thank you for changing the email address on the post but on the list on the side it is wrong also!

SFHS '99 said...

everything should be fine now! thanks for the heads up.

Rachael said...

Have you an idea on when or if there is going to be a ten year reunion this year? I've got to start planning now so I can afford such a long journey with three little ones.
Rachael Campbell

our family said...

can you post something on here for me. i am trying to get things started for the reunion. i know alot of peoples parents have moved and we only have their address of the house they lived in during can everyone that sees this email me at with email and current address so we can get invites sent to the right place. also, please pass the word along for me. i think it's going to be hard to get in contact with lots of people. thanks so much! julie

crissi said...

My blog has gone private. Please email me at if you want to be added to my list.

Abigail said...

could you please leave a post for everyone to email Abbie or Julie there current addresses for the 10 yr reunion
Thanks so much Abbie


Anthony Cardon & Rachel Norris

The Crew said...

Clay Conant Family has gone private. our email is